if I don’t get this cake when I turn 23 then there will be no turning 23

relationship goals
"I hate people generally, but I like people individually."
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"making out is my favorite thing"
6 word story (kinda)
"We all make mistakes. Whether big or small we all must live with them throughout our life.
However reminding us of our mistakes does not make them any easier to move on from."
J.R.B. (via schtupyou)
"I’ve accepted being the screw up"
6 word story (schtupyou)
"Funny girls like you don’t get boyfriends. Funny girls like you get boys who are friends who want to date your boring pretty friends but also have you around to make them laugh."

My mother - selawa  (via morningsuns)

my mom said the same thing about the guy that i’ve liked for the past 2 years 



whenever somebody says like “so what did you do today?” just look off into the distance and say “the right thing”

Then stare right into their eyes and say, “I hope”


A defining moment in children television history.